Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

Alliance Energy Group offers only the highest quality and performance residential solar water heating systems. A solar water heating system can reduce your annual water heating costs up to 95% and increase your property value up to $25 per $1 of annual energy savings. Qualified systems will be eligible for incentives offsetting up to 60% of the total installed costs of the system. With very little maintenance our systems will last over 30 years, paying for themselves many times over. The best part is that solar thermal energy will always be free!


For residential installations, we have identified a few high-quality, proven and tested, solar water heating systems to offer. Our residential systems are offered as a complete package, all of which have been tested through the SRCC OG-300 rating system to approximate annual system performance. The collectors, storage tanks, heat exchangers, controllers and all ancillary piping and materials are essentially a “plug & play” solution, offering a homeowner or solar contractor a turn-key installation and predictable anticipated savings. We offer closed loop antifreeze systems, heat exchanger drainback, and integral collector storage systems for residential applications. Our product lines include OG-300 systems available with ICS, flat plate, or evacuated tube collectors, in number of different
collector sizes and colors.


We also offer unique solutions for homeowners that wish to maximize their solar thermal opportunities or to get off the grid. Our range of products allows us to offer residential solar pool and spa heating, solar space heating, and even solar thermal cooling systems. Existing space heating systems that can be integrated with solar thermal include hot water baseboard radiator, radiant floor heating, and forced air systems. Combination systems are also available and are ideal for new construction with design being a large factor.


All of our residential system packages are completely factory tested as a system and OG-300 certified. These plug-and-play systems can be installed in as little as one day, and will integrate with your existing water heater.


A solar water heater does not pollute. You can greatly reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting the greenhouse gases released when your utility generates power or you burn fuel to heat your water. Installing a solar water heater that displaces natural gas is like taking your car off the road!