Government Solar Hot Water Systems

AEG is experienced in serving the unique needs of all levels of government as well as government prime contractors and offers a turnkey solution for commercial solar water heating installations. Alliance Energy Group is classified as a Vet Owned Small Business and can be found in the CCR database under the NAICS code for Plumbing Contractors, 000000.


Government Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance


Executive Order 13514, signed Oct. 5, 2009, calls for government agencies to set an example for American citizens by investing in sustainable products and services that increase energy efficiency while decreasing foreign energy dependence.


Solar water heating is an excellent renewable technology to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and boasts efficiency performance of 55%. This supplemental form of solar thermal transfer is easily retrofitted to existing boiler plant operations at facilities like:


  • Military Hospitals and Health Care Clinics
  • Military base housing, food service and recreational facilities
  • Military base Laundromat facilities
  • Military Hotels and Motels
  • Prisons and Detention Centers


Alliance Energy Group knows that measurement and accurate reporting of all sustainable initiatives are critical to the Clean Energy Initiative. Our solar water heating systems include precise metering equipment to show you the cumulative energy generated by your solar water heating system.