Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems

Alliance Energy Group offers only the highest quality and most efficient commercial solar water heating systems. Common commercial applications for solar water heating include lodging, health care, food service, schools, and linen service establishments. A solar water heating system will immediately decrease operating expenses and increase bottom line profits. Our high performance commercial systems can offset up to 65% of the annual water heating costs, and between 40-80% of the total upfront costs can be reduced with available incentives.


Each of our commercial system components designed to meet SRCC requirements, and our collectors are OG-100 certified. Commercial system can be integrated with and utilize the building’s existing water heating system. With proper maintenance our commercial systems will last over 30 years, paying for themselves many times over.


Alliance Energy Group has evaluated the many different commercial solar thermal products and solutions currently available in the global market. We have chosen to generally offer closed-loop antifreeze systems for commercial applications. They are the most commonly used worldwide in the commercial market and will achieve the highest solar fraction. The main system components include evacuated tube or flat plate collectors, solar storage tanks, heat exchangers, controllers, and circulating pumps. They use a pressurized closed loop of heat transfer fluid, a non-toxic polypropylene glycol solution, which is pumped through the collectors, exchanging heat with the potable water in an internal or external heat exchanger. An existing water heating tank or a solar storage tank can be used as storage, and the tank can be located a significant distance away from the collectors. Being a pressurized closed loop of fluid, an expansion tank, fill & drain valves, a safety relief valve, and temperature and pressure gauges are also part of this type of system. The circulating pump needed for the pressurized loop is relatively small and consumes minimal amounts of electricity.