Residential Solar Photovoltaic

Solar for your home makes sense


Installing a solar power system for your home makes good financial sense. Besides the environmental benefits, a solar system can provide a valuable hedge against the constant rise of electricity and gas rates. In addition, generous federal, state and municipal incentives are providing an added monetary boost that is motivating many homeowners to go solar. There are also now a growing number of municipalities offering a form of property-tax based financing which in some cases allow a solar system can be purchased with no money down and positive cash flow from Day One. We'll help you decide what form of financing is best for you.






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Alliance Energy Group designs and installs custom systems appropriate for your site, your power requirements, and your budget.


Alliance Energy Group works with residential clients throughout every phase of their individualized photovoltaic solution. Our systems are engineered and designed for your personal home aesthetic and maximum financial return. Because we oversee every phase of the PV value chain, from production to coordinating the project’s rebate processes, Alliance Energy Group can guarantee your system will be highly efficient and generate immediate results.


  • We start by evaluating your current energy usage, looking for ways to reduce your bills with energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Next, we determine whether our equipment should be mounted on the roof of your home, awning, or ground mounted.
  • Then, we design a solar system to reduce your homes dependence on your local electrical utility company.
  • Finally, we'll handle every aspect of the process from professional on-site assessment to custom installation, permit sign-off, utility interconnection, rebate procurement and ongoing maintenance.


A Guaranteed Return On Investment

Your solar array will generate power and savings from the moment it’s turned on


Your home can benefit from a solar in the following ways:chart


  • Dramatically increased property value
  • Immediate Energy Savings
  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Low maintenance, fully managed and reliable energy source
  • Well received "green" messaging to community
  • Swift project installation and implementation
  • Instantaneous ROI

thumb 1332 solar industry 1603 extension would add 37 000 jobs

Another Record Year For Installations 4,400 MW of PV are forecasted to come online throughout 2013, which represents 30% growth over 2012 installation totals. 2013 will be a record year for CSP as over 900 MW are expected to be commissioned by years end. Cumulative PV capacity is projected to surpass 10 GW by years end.


U.S. Market Installs 832 Megawatts in Q2; Grows 15% Over Last Quarter The U.S. solar market had its second largest quarter in history. The industry installed 832 MW of photovoltaic (PV) capacity, up15% over deployment levels in Q1 2013. The utility PV market drove much of the growth in Q2 2013 with over450 MW of projects commissioned in the quarter.


Falling Costs Make Solar More Affordable Than Ever The average cost of a completed PV system dropped by 11 percent over the past year to $3.05. The average price of a solar panel has declined by 60 percent since the beginning of 2011.