LED Lighting

Alliance Energy Group provides LED lighting system solutions to commercial building owners, managers, maintenance professionals, municipalities and contractors. LED lighting technology is the future of commercial lighting, providing superior brightness and color, while saving on energy costs and helping free our environment of harsh mercury technology.


Our team works with building owners, engineers, architects, property managers, and electricians to identify enhanced lighting solutions to retrofit existing commercial space and new construction.



Why LED Lighting?


LED (light emitting diode) lighting is fast becoming the future of commercial lighting systems. U.S. Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which established revised minimum energy efficiency standards for lighting. This resulted in a mandate that all incandescent light bulbs emitting more than 100 watts must meet certain efficiency goals, resulting in their phase out, beginning in 2012. The same will be mandated for all incandescent bulbs emitting more than 40 watts, resulting in their phase out by 2014. LED lighting is an energy efficient, environmentally safe alternative to the outdated filament and fluorescent technologies. Alliance Energy Group works closely with its clients to customize lighting packages that replace existing lighting systems, while drastically cutting energy costs.


Benefits of LED Lighting:

  • Energy savings of up to 80% compared to filament bulbs and 60% compared to fluorescent tubes
  • Eliminates the cost of repairs and replacements of bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Minimal environmental consequence upon disposal
  • No harmful ultra-violet rays
  • Rugged, shatterproof and shock resistant
  • No ballasts or cold start issues
  • Increased safety with minimal risk of electrical fire hazards
  • Direct replacement of Incandescent Edison base bulbs and lamps

Alliance Energy Group employs licensed electricians for all LED lighting installations or replacement projects.